Turkic People

 What do these people in the photos all have in common? They are Turkic. They all share some linguistic and cultural and even genetic similarities.

 It is believed that the first Turkic people inhabited around Central Asia, China and Siberia. They are believed to have had strong mongoloid features. It is believed they branched off from the Xiongnu people of ancient China. The first widely known Turkic ethnic group where the Gokturks who established the Gokturk empire in the 6th century.

 Turkic people originally had their own writing systems such as Orkhon, Yenisey and then later Uyghur (which was also used in Mongolia until the USSR introduced Russian Cyrillic.)
 Over the course of many years and various empires and dynasties, Turkic people migrated to new places and integrated with other ethnic groups, mixing with the locals creating forming new groups of Turkic speaking people. As a result there are now significant populations of Turkic people in North, east and central Asia and also Eastern Europe.